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Meet our customers

Altura Mining: a rich seam of success

As a junior mining company with an exciting and promising future ahead of them, Altura Mining has hit pay dirt and has strong plans in place to capitalise on the resources they have at their disposal.

Based in the heart of the Pilbara in Western Australia, Altura’s core business is in lithium, a core component of the new generation of electric batteries. Demand for their product is at an all-time high; so much so they have their next five years of sales locked down already.

Altura describes themselves as a people company, providing more than just a job for their staff. They fly up to 400 people in and out of their mine every week, so having a travel partner that works fast and efficiently is critical to them. 

Scope Global: agents of change

Scope Global is a specialist program management company with a big heart. They design and deliver international development and international education programs throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific, and their purpose is to enable people to positively change their world.

Scope Global understands that not everyone has access to the resources they need to grow, and they are addressing that imbalance through skills programs, employment and training initiatives, and scholarship management.

Much of their work is carried out in developing countries around the world. That means Scope Global often has challenging and changeable business travel needs and having a reliable travel partner on board is essential.

St Hilliers: building better communities

Their competitors will lay claim to being Australia’s leading private, integrated property and construction group, but St Hilliers is uniquely placed to provide clients with a total solution for their property and construction needs.

Few can match their single minded commitment to their people, their resolve to create and maintain an environment that is stimulating and rewarding, that attracts and sustains only the best in their field, and it is this that sets them apart.

St Hilliers delivery is consistent, in demand and helmed by an Executive team that is both resilient and resourceful. They have a can do attitude, forged with a breadth of experience, cut from the cloth of both challenge and achievement. And it is this character, imprinted in their DNA, that has tacked a course to recognition.

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