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Finding the perfect fit: Key things to consider when changing your business travel partner

5 signs you and your Business Travel Manager are a perfect match

If you’ve ever experienced a bad business trip – you know, the one where everything seems to go wrong at once, your flight is delayed, your accommodation is in the wrong location and you just can’t seem to get a taxi anywhere – then you’ll know how stressful travelling for work can be.

But for companies who use a Business Travel Manager, having a provider on board who can support you when the unexpected occurs is not just a benefit, but a necessity for your peace of mind.

Of course, it always pays to make sure that you have found a Business Travel Manager that is the perfect match for your business. If you are experiencing these five conditions in your business, you might have found the one – and if not?

Well, it might be time to start considering a new Business Travel Manager to help you along the way.

1. Your technology is making life easier

The right Business Travel Manager should provide you with an online booking portal that improves processes for employees who book their own travel; many also offer back-end systems for reconciling expenses with your finance team.

If you’re hearing from across your business that the tech platforms offered by your Business Travel Manager have made life easier across multiple departments, then you’re probably on the right track.

Some business travel providers also go further by offering apps that integrate itineraries, send notifications for any travel changes and keep you updated on any emergencies.

2. You’re saving money on flights

Booking the best travel doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the cheapest price all the time, but you should always be getting the best value.

The right Business Travel Manager will work with you to track down the best value deals possible. While you might find a cheaper fare on a one-off route, a great Business Travel Manager will use buying tactics that match the airline’s dynamic pricing, staying ahead of the game to ensure you have an overall lower travel spend.

In that way, you’ve probably found the right Business Travel Manager if your average travel spend is lower than it used to be, or you’ve saved time on trips which used to take longer.

This is especially true for business travel providers that are aware of the specific needs and busy travel times within your industry. Having a Business Travel Manager that preemptively prepares for your busy period is a big win.

3. Your employees have flexibility

Prior to using a business travel provider, you may have found booking travel fairly limited in terms of finding an airline, car hire and hotel supplier that aligns within your company budget. But working with a Business Travel Manager means you’ll have greater access to even more accommodation and travel options – even if your company works from a preferred suppliers list.

A great Business Travel Manager will understand how to get the best deals, meaning greater flexibility and a higher satisfaction rate amongst employees. They’re able to schedule their trips in the most productive way.

4. You have a dedicated Business Travel Manager, just for you

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with different people for every emergency that pops up. The best business travel providers will ensure your business has a dedicated account and support manager for your needs, which means they will learn over time what’s important to your business.

When working with a business travel provider, such as Corporate Traveller, you’ll speak to the same person every time from day one. Whether you’re booking your next trip, need help reconciling or have questions about financial reporting, your point of contact will always be an Australian-based Business Travel Manager who will work regularly with your business.

Not every business travel provider offers this type of relationship, so if you’re experiencing this then you know you’ve found a good one.

5. Your employees have less gripes

If you are dealing with far less complaints then you used to – be it over incorrect flights, accommodation, or other traveller grievances – then that’s a sign your Business Travel Manager is a good match for you. By working with a partner who is wired into your business and has access to your travel program and preferences, you will find yourself faced with far less issues, and more time to focus on other areas of the business.

If that isn’t the case, then it might be time to reconsider the relationship you have with your current Business Travel Manager – after all, not every business travel provider is built the same


Finding the perfect fit: Key things to consider when changing your business travel partner

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