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3 ways to save money when travelling for business

When you travel regularly for business, even small savings can add up as you move from place to place. Take a look at some handy hints to help your organisation make savings.

Take advantage of rewards programmes

If you are a frequent flyer, there's a myriad of loyalty programmes that can suit your needs. For example, Qantas offers a range of benefits to Qantas Club members such as faster check-ins, extra baggage allowances, priority on waiting lists and discounts in Qantas Meeting Rooms. 

Be on the look out for discounts

Corporate travel can entitle you to certain discounts, so make sure you know what benefits might be available to you before you make bookings. The price of your flight might depend on what time of day, week or year travel is being taken. Booking early can also help save money on airfares. Airlines also have offers available to customers to secure upgrades.

Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Business Travel Card (ABTC)

The ABTC can save you time and money as it allows business travellers from participating member countries (such as Australia) to enter other APEC countries visa-free on a short-term basis. The ABTC card is valid for three years.

There are also faster immigration processing times due to fast-track exit and entry lanes in participating countries. APEC's The Impact of Business Mobility in Reducing Trade Transaction Costs in APEC study found that the savings on transaction costs of ABTC holders was USD$3.7 million between March-July 2010 and March-July 2011, which is a 38 per cent reduction in costs.

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