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Beating long haul boredom is easy with an iPad

Peter Ian Staker

Managing Director - Staking Claims

I was blown away the other week to read Qantas will set a new record for the world's longest flight with its new Perth to London route.

17 hours!

That's less a flight, more an Odyssey.  As someone who'll be catching that flight a few times a week,  I realised binge watching movies for that long would likely turn my eyes square.  But luckily, with a tablet in hand, I came up with a few ideas of how stave off Economy class cabin fever.

If you're going to be joining me on the PER to LHR, here's a couple of tips on getting through the 17 hour haul with nothing but your iPad.

Play 15 games of game of Risk

What better way to pass the time while flying over earth than trying to conquer it.  

The average game of Risk takes around 90 minutes which means you'll have plenty of time to fine tune your global domination strategy over a few playthroughs.  There's a bit of nuance to this game, so keep your wits about you.  Otherwise you'll quickly find yourself surrounded, outnumbered, with nothing to stop the oncoming onslaught except a jetlagged brain.

You don't even need to bring the board in your hand luggage, command your armies from your tablet just like in real life.

Also see Monopoly, Sudoku and the Game of Life.

Language Learning

Meme si tu as besoin d'un guide pour comprendre l'argot Britannique, ce n'est pas ce dont je suis en train de paler. Il y a plein d'applications supers et gratuites pour apprendre les phrases basiques et le vocabulaire d'autres langues. Moi j'utilise Duolingo mais j'ai des amis qui recommandent HelloTalk et Memrise.

Yep, it's possible.  For those not yet on the language learning app train, here's that translated to English:

While you may need some sort of guide for understanding British slang, this isn't what I'm talking about.  There's heaps of great free apps out there for learning basic phrases and vocab for other languages.  I'm a Duolingo guy but friends of mine have also recommended HelloTalk and Memrise.  

My favourite trick is to strike up a chat with whoever is sitting next to me and then switch to French mid-conversation with no explanation.

Have a crack at a Guinness World Record

I've been wanting to get my name in that book for years and thanks to Qantas, I'll now have a solid block of time to get some practice in.  There's no shortage of opportunities to etch your name in history here.  I've got my sights set on a few including:

Fastest time to type the alphabet on an iPad - Currently it stands at 3.43 seconds. I'm looking to shave off at least one (one-hundreth of a) second.

Fastest time to type the alphabet blindfolded - Like the above but blindfolded.  Anything less than 6.71 seconds takes the prize.  Lucky I always pack a sleeping mask. 

Fastest typing with nose - Sure, it'll look weird to the people around you.  You might even cop a few concerned questions from the flight crew.  But in the end, it's all about the glory.  The prescribed text for the record is: Guinness world records have challenged me to type this sentence using my nose in the fastest time.

Read the Hunger Games series

Can you only smile and nod during pop culture conversations?  Are you getting eye rolls from your children?  Then you could do worse than punch through this anthology.  Fire up your relevant book app and hit download.  

At a bit over 300,000 pages you'll be touching down in London at the very moment Hermione defeats Edward the vampire in the year 8080...At least i think that's how it ends.

If keeping up with the latest tween fiction doesn't appeal, there's about 20 Dirk Pitt books available in the iBook store that'll transport you to strange and exotic locales.  

Seriously though, how much trouble can one guy get into?

And if all that fails

In-flight entertainment is actually pretty good these days.  It's usually iPad accessible too.

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