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How professional travel management works

A business travel program should be treated like any other controllable expense.  It should be set up for growth, benchmarked and analysed to ensure you're getting the best value for your dollar.

If that sounds like a lot of work to fit into your schedule, you're probably right.  It is.  But that's why partnering with professional Travel Manager is a great solution for bypassing the time investment.

There's a ton of extra services, deals and strategies that an expert delivers that help you save time on admin.  Take a look at just a few below.  

A single line to your Travel Manager

Self managing your company's inevitably means you're working across multiple fronts for each step of the travel cycle.  Our aim is to condense all the steps and stakeholders into a single line that leads directly to your Travel Manager.

Putting the pieces together

The first step is to get a picture of how you source, book and reconcile your business trips.  We'll sit with you and your people and talk through your process and where some expert support can cut your time spent on admin.

Pick how you book

Once you've given us a feel for your ideal business travel program, we'll set about creating it.  The key aspect of a Corporate Traveller partnership in that you select how you want to engage with us.  If you and your travellers want to book online, we can implement our online booking tool.  Prefer to do it over the phone?  No sweat.  Your Travel Manager will be at the ready.

A 24/7 partner

And as for getting late night calls, you can shift all that traffic to our Brisbane based 24/7 support team.  Best of all every solution you choose, even finance and billing, are all overseen by one person, you Travel Manager.  With a Corporate Traveller partnership in place, you'll have the resources in place to relieve the pressure on your time, without reducing your level of control over what's going on.

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Travel Calculator
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