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Work with our ancillary partners

As a valued Corporate Traveller customer, you have access to a number of ancillary services provided by our Flight Centre Travel Group partners.

Our ancillary partners can assist you with health and fitness solutions, leisure travel, education and training and increasing employee engagement in the workplace. Take advantage of these services at partner rates and work together to promote a healthy work/life balance in your company.


Healthwise Global is the health and wellness initiative of the Flight Centre Travel Group and services more than 17,000 employees worldwide. Healthwise is a key element in FCTG's people management strategy has grown from a single operation in Brisbane to a global business with offices in 11 countries.

Healthwise provides leading health and well being solutions, manages program implementation into your workplace and delivers extensive reporting on the success of your program.

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Travel Club

Travel Club is an exclusive holiday travel service dedicated to creating a healthier work environment. Available exclusively to Corporate Traveller customers, Travel Club gives your company dedicated and cost effective leisure travel services that benefit your employees and your business.

The experts at Travel Club can work alongside you to ensure your staff have a healthy work/life balance, help reduce your annual leave liability and support a positive attitude to taking leave.

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Moneywise Global  began as a internal solution to help FCTG employees achieve financial freedom through professional advice and education.  Moneywise has evolved into a successful international brand which operates in five countries and services all FCTG brands and a number of external companies.

Moneywise provides tailored online and face to face services including financial planning and advice, financial literacy seminars, home loan brokerage, taxation and superannuation services.

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Goldmind provides specialised consulting services designed to increase employee engagement in the workplace. Goldmind's workplace solutions focus on three key areas of employee performance:

• Ability

• Drive

• Environment

All services are underpinned by brain science methodologies that are proven to increase learning retention and application in the workplace. Goldmind can assist your business in creating an environment that boosts employee engagement and enables staff to perform at their best.

Find out more about Goldmind.

FC Business School

FC Business School provides nationally recognised training with qualifications in business, leadership, management, retail, travel and tourism. We believe that investing in your team's business acumen is the key to your company's future and the Flight Centre Business School delivers a combination of online and facilitated training led by our team of industry best coaches.

Flight Centre Business School's learning programs are focused on building real world skills and fostering the next generation of leaders.

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