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Preparation and communication key to hassle-free holidays

Playing catch up with work is often the annoying consequence of taking time off on annual leave. Having the right system in place can give you peace of mind while you’re on holiday and avoid any nasty surprises when you return to the office.

Take a look at some of Corporate Traveller’s top tips to keep your work life ticking over while you’re taking time out of the office.

Get a buddy

Recruit one of your colleagues to be the key contact while you’re away and compile handover notes that outline key tasks, deadlines, current issues and required actions. Also make sure you pass on a detailed list of key contacts.

Notify your clients

Be sure to send annual leave notifications and alternate contact arrangements to your clients to ensure your regular partners know who to contact while you’re away.

Access to information

Make sure your buddy has access to all your relevant documents, contact details and appropriate files in case something urgent arises. Remember to leave login details for any secure accounts like social media pages.

Question time

Everyday duties can often be overlooked in handover situations. Ensure you and your buddy have a sit down before you leave to discuss the regular tasks you perform and any issues that may occur. 

Keep your boss in the loop

In addition to your buddy, pass on a copy of your handover notes to your boss to make sure everyone is kept in the loop. 

Out of office

Forgetting to set up an out of office could give you a serious shock upon your return. Make sure your automated reply has details for an alternate contact and don’t forget to update your voicemail recording before you leave.

First day back

Schedule in some face time with your buddy when you return to work to catch up on any outstanding tasks. This will get you up to speed and help action anything that needs immediate attention.

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