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Three ways an expert can boost your booking ability

Booking flights, hotels and transfers can really eat up your time, especially if there's a lot of travellers relying on you to get them from A to B.  And fast.

We've often found it's not the initial booking that take the most time, it's having to make changes to a booking at short notice that's the real killer.

That's where we come in.  With a business travel expert backing you up, you can put the booking process on autopilot and do more with the time you're not spending on travel websites. 

One contact for your entire travel program

First off, you'll speak to the same person for every time for every step in the travel cycle.  From booking to invoicing to reconciliation, we'll simplify the process down to a single, dedicated Travel Manager.  Your Travel Manager is wired into the ether of the travel industry and will know the quickest solution to your problem.

All the rates and fares in one place

Next, no matter how you choose to book, you'll have access to the widest range travel options in once central location. Our deals are sourced from the global network of the Flight Centre Travel Group, distributed to our online booking tool and can be accessed directly by you and your Travel Manager.  Say goodbye to trawling the web.

Convenience at the odd hours

Lastly, when cancellations or disruptions happen are you the one that gets the call?  Our 24/7 support team will ensure you won't be woken up at odd hours to fix a travel problem. No matter where your travellers are in the world, or what time it is, they'll have an expert on the other end of the phone who can keep their itinerary on track.

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Travel Calculator
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