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When do you need to work with a travel manager?

If your organisation is experiencing one of the following symptoms of inefficient travel management, it may be time to think about turning to the experts.

1. Overblown expenses

If your company's business travel expenses are consistently higher than you think they should be, it could be time to call in a travel manager.

For some companies, an outdated travel policy may be the culprit. Travel managers can work with your team to create a policy that's more in line with your current goals and objectives.

2. Inefficient booking practices

Inefficient booking practices are a key contributor to excess travel spending. Relying on last minute bookings via travel websites significantly reduces the range of price options available for airfares and accommodation.

An experienced travel manager can benefit your company through advanced booking strategies and the best fare and rate of the day. This ensures every aspect of the journey is booked more efficiently, an advantage for both the company and the travellers themselves.

3. Missed savings opportunities

Is your company suffering from a lack of access to better discounts, value added extras and travel service upgrades? This can constitute a major disadvantage, as there are typically several opportunities to create more value out of each trip.

With a travel manager on board, you can benefit from access to a wider network of travel suppliers and a greater variety of discounts and specials.

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