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Why you can trust us to get it right

Having to make booking changes when you're on the road is a giant pain.  Especially when it's because of booker error, rather than a traffic jam.

There's a ton of reasons why travel bookings get messed up.  Sometimes its as simple as an errant mouse click on the wrong day or time.  What's less visible is the amount of money a booking error can cost your company in the long run.

Take a look below:

The real cost of an incorrect booking?


Safety through self booking

Keeping across travel bookings yourself is often the best way of ensuring all the details are nailed down.  If that's your preference, you can keep on making your own bookings with our EXPERT online booking tool, only you'll get a few extra benefits the internet won't give you.

  •  Access to the widest range of rates and fares in every class.
  •  Full integration with your travel policy to ensure you keep your budget in check.
  •  Full capture of all your travel data.
Safety though a professional

On the other hand, if you prefer to have your travel request taken care of by Corporate Traveller expert, we've got a two pronged approach to ensuring your bookings are right every time.

  1. Confirmation email prior to ticketing - Your Travel Manager can secure your bookings prior to payment and will send you an email confirmation before the booking is locked in.  This gives you an extra opportunity to double check the details and make any flight changes for free before ticketing. 
  2. Your Corporate Traveller service level agreement - Corporate Traveller's service level agreement  states that every itinerary will be completed with 100% accuracy.  Our experts are fully aware of their commitment to you and are actively rewarded for customer satisfaction.   

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