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It's time to prepare for the re-emergence of business travel. Corporate Traveller teams all over the country are working with our customers to guide them through the process of reshaping their processes and programs for a changing travel environment. 

If you need assistance with planning your organisation's return to travel, we're here to help.

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Visit our Travel News Hub to get the latest pandemic updates, traveller information and travel alerts worldwide.  

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Getting back to business

We’re gradually turning a corner in the Covid-19 crisis. Lockdown measures are being cautiously eased and economies looking to a new phase of growth. We all hope for a return to normality, but realise there will be a new business travel landscape to navigate. Corporate Traveller is here to assist you.

Remote Ready Guide

Are you Remote-Ready?

In the age of COVID-19, the likelihood of your business having to temporarily close offices or worksites is increasing. We have the ultimate guide to getting Remote-Ready.

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What is the true cost of globalising your travel management solution?

If you are part of a global company, at some point the discussion of whether a local or global travel management solution is a better choice is going to come up. To help you decide we’ve created a handy guide that takes you through the pros and cons of working with local and global TMCs, so you’ll be better informed when weighing your options.