Credo case study

What does Credo do?

Credo provides unique project management solutions, including store fit-outs and merchandising for Coles, Woolworths, Liquorland and Bunnings.

Our travel partnership

We organise airfares and accommodation, online booking admin, supplier negotiations and travel reporting for Credo. Our travel solutions are based on cutting costs and boosting efficiency for its domestic travel requirements, which include large group bookings and trips to remote and regional areas.

Big bookings, little warning

Credo often required bookings for a lot of people at short notice. It was a process complicated by a system relying on several internal bookers, phone calls and emails.

Accommodation requirements also posed a challenge. Credo's team needed up to 6,000 room nights each year – many in remote and regional areas.  Having no structured hotel program led to cost blowouts and made it tough to find decent accommodation at short notice.

Getting down to basics

We knew that a better booking process would be the key to overhauling Credo’s travel program.  After running our proposal by Credo’s leadership team, we switched to an integrated online booking process.

Our EXPERT booking tool immediately simplified the booking experience and increased reporting accuracy.

To save Credo money on accommodation, we introduced a structured hotel program. The team proposed a Best Available Rate buying strategy that drew on the combined powers of our SmartSTAY program and the Flight Centre global network.

Eye on the bottom line

Now Credo is able to make over 90% of its bookings online thanks to adoption of the EXPERT booking tool and a small team of internal bookers.

Switching to the online booking tool delivered more than $12,000 in savings and had the parallel effect of increasing policy compliance.

Switching to Virgin Australia exclusively for flights and Budget for car hire saved them more than $37,000.  Using Credo’s existing accommodation discounts and specific group rates for regional and remote motels saved the company more than $16,000.

Credo’s restructured travel program also increased efficiency internally and made travel expenditure reporting clearer and easier to access.

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