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At Corporate Traveller, we’re all about making business travel easier and safer for your organisation, which is why we offer one simple travel booking platform. 

Your.CT not only allows you to report and manage related expenses, it helps you stay across duty of care for your travellers. This is why we stay at the forefront of developing TMC technology to support the ever evolving needs of our customers. 

Here’s a quick update of what we’ve been working on to make sure you have access to the latest COVID-19 information from suppliers such as airlines and hotels, as well as reassurance that health and hygiene processes are in place. 

SAVI Feature

Approval by Price now available in Savi

Corporate Traveller's online booking tool, Savi, now features “Approval by Price” functionality.

This new capability is an additional trigger aimed to enhance your organisation’s approval workflow. It enables organisations to implement price thresholds per air, hotel or car segment booking.

How Savi Supports Travel Policy Compliance

When the total cost of an air, hotel or car booking exceeds the allocated budget amount a message will be displayed to the traveller/travel arranger on the itinerary selection page. This message will inform them their selection exceeds the trip budget amount set by their organisation.

If the traveller/travel arranger proceeds with their booking, this will break company policy and they will need to provide reason(s) on the confirmation page before the booking can be completed.


Passenger Contact Tracing now available in Savi

As part of its COVID-19 response and to ensure effective contact tracing, the Australian Government recently announced that all Australian domestic airlines are to collect the following four data fields for each passenger on a mandatory basis:

  • Passenger name;
  • Mobile phone number;
  • Email address; and
  • Postcode of residence.

Collection of this information supports contact tracing requirements designed to mitigate COVID-19 community transmission from airline passenger movements across domestic borders.

To support passenger contact tracing requirements, all required personal information fields are now mandatory within the Profiled and Guest Traveller booking form when making an airline booking in Savi.

Savi’s intuitive user interface makes this easy by pulling data from the traveller profile, and where information is incomplete, Savi will prompt for the required data to be added before the booking can be confirmed.


SAVI Clean Hotels Indicator - NOW LIVE!

The new ‘Clean Hotels’ indicator allows users to see at a glance hotels which have implemented new health and hygiene measures to ensure traveller wellbeing throughout their stay. 

Savi now visually identifies properties affiliated to the 'Clean Hotels' program through the Map and List view displays on your search returns 

As border restrictions lift, both domestically and ultimately internationally, having easy access to this information at the time of booking will not only provide travellers with confidence in their accommodation choices, but will also support your organisation's duty of care.

In the coming months our Smartsuite program rates will also be more clearly indicated in the booking flow in parallel with the new ‘Clean Hotels’ indicators giving our bookers and travellers confidence that every effort is being made to keep them safe and healthy whether they are flying or lodging.

In addition to having been audited for Covid-Clean practices, every property in Corporate Traveller's SmartStay program now includes four value-added inclusions across a wide range of benefits, saving you money and creating an even better experience for your travellers.


Also now live is the fully integrated display panel for the hotels credit as a Clean Hotel. The suggested view includes a clear overview of the health and hygiene measures that the hotel has implemented.

NZ Route Happy

SAVI Smarts - Be informed of health and safety at the time of booking

Since September 2019 our market-leading online booking platform SAVI has provided enriched Routehappy content.

For airlines that partner with Routehappy’s parent company ATPCO, SAVI will display up-to-date airline policies for COVID-19 at the time of booking, giving you confidence that you are choosing the safest and most sensible option for your next trip.

The information displayed includes health and safety measures such as health screening, food and beverage hygiene, passenger and crew wellbeing, airport and cabin cleaning as well as flexible booking conditions. The data available is increasing as airlines start to ramp up again, and includes popular airlines such as Qantas and Air New Zealand.

Traveller Safety

Your.CT’s Safe and Secure module helps keep your business and travellers up-to-date on events that impact travel schedules, while our reporting provides full visibility into your travellers’ whereabouts.

SAVI credits

SAVI Credits - No Credit Left Behind!

Corporate Traveller understands the importance of credits and cost-controls as businesses start to emerge from COVID-19.


The SAVI credits module provides visibility and utilisation of unused ticket credits and consists of:

  • A smart dashboard widget which gives your travel bookers and travellers clear transparency over their next to expire ticket credits.
  • A ticket management facility allowing users to see their full credit pools available for reservations.
  • A clearly defined booking process that allows the utilisation of unused ticket exchanges for self bookers and across Cost Centres and Departments for Travel Bookers.

Corporate Traveller will ensure that your full ticket pool is available in SAVI and updated in real-time ensuring that NO CREDIT IS LEFT BEHIND!

Along with SAVI’s ability to deliver the latest COVID-19 health and safety information, manage credits on hold and keep track of your traveller’s safety, SAVI’s design and functionality will drive compliance, giving you more control and visibility of your travel spend and activity.


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