C-Suite Lunch Series: Episode 1

From CFO to CEO: Navigating Significant Change In Career and Company

CBHS Corporate Health is one of Australia’s leading providers of workplace private health insurance. Uniquely, it’s a non-profit health fund for individuals and workplaces that also promotes employee wellbeing. CBHS Corporate Health is part of the larger parent CBHS Health Fund, and as a relative newcomer to the space, it operates with a real start-up mentality.

As the CEO and Executive Director, Dario Molina has steered the business through a period of significant change, with ambitious growth goals and a clear vision to improve the wellbeing of Australia’s workforce driving his agenda. Personally, he has faced a unique set of challenges as he has made the transition from CFO to CEO while maintaining his own commitment to health and wellness along the way.

In this video, you’ll hear Mario and Kate discuss:

  • The importance of knowing your market
  • Working with the board and sharing your vision
  • Managing staff and key stakeholders
  • Pivoting strategy to achieve growth
  • Managing risk