C-Suite Lunch Series: Episode 2

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: How market research and sponsorship can help build a brand

The next wave of sport is upon us, and the future is inclusive. Since the Olympics in London and the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, the Paralympics movement has been enjoying unprecedented success and popularity with viewers, marketers and businesses alike.

As the CEO of Paralympics Australia, Lynne Anderson is charged with guiding the organisation through this period of strong growth and brand building. With her peerless background in sports marketing and research, Lynne is well equipped to do the job. She is bringing her innate and considered ability to understand audiences into play and is working tirelessly to achieve commercial outcomes through sponsorship.

Lynne’s vision is for the Paralympics to be loved and known by more Australians than ever before, and she describes the challenge as the ‘job she was born to do.'

In this video, you’ll hear Lynne and Kate discuss:

  • Leveraging sponsorship effectively
  • Maximising the power of market research
  • Managing multiple stakeholders
  • Understanding your market and users
  • Growing engagement in a competitive marketplace