Apple MacBook laptops banned from being used on planes

Person placing laptop on security belt

Airlines announce ban on MacBooks from checked-in luggage

Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar Airways have all banned Apple MacBook Pro laptops from being brought on board as checked baggage following global concerns about recalled batteries.

Passengers will now be required to carry laptops as part of their cabin baggage and must be switched off for the duration of the flight.

According to Apple, the MacBook model affected is the MacBook Pro built between September 2015 and February 2017. The recall was put out over the lithium-ion battery, which in some models was prone to overheating and meant the device could catch on fire. MacBook Pro owners will only be able to tell if their computer is affected by checking its serial number on Appleā€™s website.

It is not known how long the travel ban will remain in place however, the move follows similar rules introduced last week by airlines in the US, Thailand, Singapore and India which banned the devices outright.

It is recommended travellers check with their airline direct for the latest information on this ban.