Virtual travel assistant adds human touch to Savi

Woman using computer whilst speaking on headset

Virtual travel assistant adds human touch to Savi

Corporate Traveller’s online booking tool partner, Serko, has launched two exciting product innovations including a virtual customer representative that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Created by special software, the virtual online service representative appears as a highly realistic face and features a lifelike voice. The digital travel assistant will be available soon through Corporate Traveller’s cutting-edge online booking tool, Savi.
Users will be able to interact naturally and talk in real time with the virtual online booking assistant that is driven by the FaceMe platform. 

The virtual human assistant gives users a seamless face-to-face conversational experience and will add an additional layer of booking support for Travel Bookers and travellers using the Savi platform.

Serko launched the virtual online assistant in Chicago at this year’s Global Business Travel Association conference.


Also making headlines is Serko’s launch of predictHQ. 

This new functionality provides Travel Bookers with an alert if there are major events happening in the cities, they are making bookings in. 

The alerts signal if there is a high demand for hotel rooms or flights caused by an influx of inbound travellers or people attending an event. A further release of predictHQ in Savi will see leisure events, including concerts, factored into the event alerts.

Both these online booking innovations will be available at a later date via the Savi platform as paid modules. 

We’ll keep you informed of further development on these products. For more information please contact your Travel Manager or the Corporate Traveller team.

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