How do you keep your employees safe while they travel?

One of the biggest topics in business travel right now is travel risk management – otherwise known as Duty of Care to their employees.

So why is it a focus? Because traveller safety and security is a real concern for businesses and travellers alike, with recent world events impacting safe travel in and out of some countries.

Did you know that under Australia’s Work Health and Safety legislation, employers have a duty of care responsibility for their employees while they are travelling domestically and overseas?

That means you need to have a plan in place and have all of your bases covered.

Download our guide to:

  • Know what tools and support lines are critical for meeting your duty of care obligations
  • Learn what role travel booking tools have in mitigating risk e.g. contact tracing, displaying up-to-date airline policies for COVID-19 at time of booking as well as hotel health and hygiene measures.
  • Get tips on how to create a travel risk management plan tailored for your business.
Duty of Care eBook.
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