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5 quick wins to save money on travel. Jackpot

It’s no secret that 9 out of 10 times, booking business travel in advance is cheaper than last-minute. Or that it’s a good idea to keep an eye on travel sales and offers.

When you’re ready to think seriously about saving money on business travel, you’ll find there’s lots of quick wins when you’re working with a corporate travel agency. Here’s just five ideas to get the cogs turning on the possibilities.

Know your costs

Data, data, data. Imagine the value you’d get from seeing numbers at a glance and reports with one click. Yes, you want to know what you’re spending on flights and hotels but there’s a bigger picture. Choose a business travel partner that charges a simple, consistent fee structure. That way you can measure everything and actually see real savings, plus there’s no hidden fees.

Create a policy

It’s a drum we’ll keep beating! Setting a policy helps determine your company’s travel budget and outlines what you expect from travellers and travel bookers. Say a traveller got stranded overseas…something we’ve seen more frequently recently. With a travel policy in place, the traveller would know exactly what to do and your company isn’t hit with random, unexpected costs.

Plan ahead

As someone managing the business travel budget, it’s possible to look into the future and know exactly where that money is going. Advance purchase reporting gives you visibility over what travel has been booked; you’ll also spot patterns and the same suppliers which can be used as leverage to save money too.

Review your travel spend regularly

…and be proactive with those numbers. We can help with that! There are endless ways of finding efficiencies and small changes (and yes, larger ones) to get the most out of your business travel budget when you’re working with travel experts. Our teams find ways to optimise our customers’ business travel spend every day.  

Knowledge is power

You might be a pro at launching a start-up or running HR…but perhaps not so much on travel. Our teams have decades of experience and pretty much know everything there is to know about business travel. The best TMCs will listen to your company goals and needs, then find money-savings and other efficient solutions. Plus, at Corporate Traveller our people have all the travel connections you could hope for. So when plans change or things don’t go to schedule, you can benefit from our strong relationship with suppliers.

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