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Sustainable business travel starts right here.

There’s no time like the present to start making a difference – and no better partner to help you get there. With Corporate Traveller, you can trust our expert team and tools to get you and your business from A to B without costing the earth. Make your business travel count towards your sustainability efforts with our range of resources to help you shape, measure, offset and transform your business travel program.

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Shape your travel program.

Create a more sustainable travel policy for your company with help from our SME business travel specialists. They’re here to guide you on best practice and help you identify lower carbon travel options. Whether you’re refreshing your policy or are looking for ongoing, ad-hoc support, we’ve got real people on hand to deliver expert advice. 

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Calculate your CO2 impact.

From departure to arrival and everything in between, Savi will calculate the end-to-end carbon impact of your flights in real time. See where your emissions could be reduced by filtering for alternative flight options with a smaller CO2 footprint to suit your company’s travel policy. Get more visibility into the environmental impact of your air travel.  

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Offset your emissions.

Connect your business travel to global tree planting sites or other positive environmental and social initiatives through our industry partnerships. By taking part in offsetting programs to neutralise your carbon emissions, you can help to compensate for the impact of your travel on the environment. Your Corporate Traveller team will help you to select the best option so you can achieve sustainability your way.  

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Track your impact

Get access to CO2 emissions reports that measure the impact of your domestic and international flights. C02 reporting will help you to make more informed choices for your business travel that align with your company travel policy and sustainability goals.  



Technology to make green travel easy  

Our business travel technology helps customers achieve more sustainable travel easily. Tech such as Savi - our online booking tool, gives you multiple program options for travelling greener. For companies that want more visibility of the environmental impact of their travel choices through to functionality to carbon offset and report on your activity - we'll tailor your technology so you can achieve sustainable travel your way.   



Keen for greener travel?

Learn how our tools and team can help you get there.




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