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Corporate Traveller and Flight Centre Travel Group

Exclusive offers including our Travelsmart product range  

We've got you covered every time you check-in or hit the road



Have breakfast on us every time you stay at one of our generous SmartSTAY hotels. Plus enjoy at least three other complimentary services. Make the most all your work perks – but only with SmartSTAY and only with Corporate Traveller.


There’s no other car hire program like SmartDRIVE. With double Frequent Flyer points on offer when you hire a car through Avis or Hertz plus loads more benefits like daily rate discounts and VIP priority service, this is what smarter travel is all about.

Travelsmart - with you for each step of your journey

Our Travelsmart suite was designed to give you a more enjoyable experience when you're off the clock and a more efficient experience when you're in.

It's got all three facets of your journey covered from flights to accommodation to ground transport. 

The beauty of the Travelsmart suite is you can take advantage of any of our SmartSTAY and SmartDRIVE programs individually or adopt all of them to boost your comfort for each step of your journey.

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