Corporate air loyalty programs – what’s on offer?

When it comes to flying for business, it really pays to have an expert in your corner to help you squeeze the most value from your organisation’s spend on flights. Why? Because there are many ways to save on your air travel. It’s knowing the how, what, why and where of saving on fares that can be tricky.  
One of the easiest ways to maximise your spend is to join one of the airfare programs offered by Virgin Australia and Qantas. Both are geared towards small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and both are very generous when it comes to adding value to your travel program and enhancing the traveller experience. 
Here’s a brief run-down of each program plus links to the airline websites for more detailed information -: 

Virgin Australia Business Flyer 

The Virgin Australia Business Flyer is a dedicated air travel program for SMEs that spend up to $300,000 on airfares annually with the airline. Virgin Australia’s new SME air travel program replaces accelerate. 

Each time your organisation flies with Virgin Australia, your business earns Velocity Points and your travellers earn Velocity Points and Status Credits for their individual frequent flyer accounts. Velocity points can be used to book flights, upgrade or be gifted to your team by transferring points from your business account to a frequent flyer account. 

The program includes three tiers - Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3, which are based on your annual spend with Virgin Australia. The higher the tier, the more company Velocity points you'll earn. Once you move up the tiers, your business will also unlock greater rewards with Velocity Gold memberships. 

Virgin Australia Business Flyer offers -: 

  • The ability for your business and your individual travellers to earn Velocity points at the same time  
  • Point-of-sale discounts including 6% on Business Class and 4% on Economy Flex fares 
  • Discounted Virgin Australia Lounge Memberships 
  • Free to join and no ongoing membership fees.  

More information on Virgin Australia Business Flyer. 

Qantas Business Rewards 

The Qantas Business Rewards program acts like a frequent flyer for your company. While the individual traveller earns their regular Qantas Frequent Flyer points, the company also earns a certain percentage of points, based on the three levels within the program.  

Businesses will move to the next level once a certain points threshold is met per membership year. The higher the level the more benefits are available to businesses and their travellers. 

  • Level 1 is for businesses earning up to 14,999 Qantas Business Rewards points (not Qantas Frequent Flyer points) per year. 
  • Level 2 is for businesses earning between 15,000 and 79,999 Qantas Business Rewards points per year. 
  • Level 3 is for businesses earning 80,000 Qantas Business Rewards points or more in a membership year. 

Qantas Business Rewards offers -: 

  • The ability for your business to earn points as well as your travellers at the same time 
  • Point-of-sale discounts on the base fare of selected flights. Discounts vary depending on which level your business is in. 
  • In all levels, travellers earn an extra 250 Qantas Points per booking, when they fly for work, on top of the points and Status Credits they already earn. 
  • Access to discounted Qantas Club membership fees. 
  • With over 50 program partners, members can earn points on a range of business expenses like fuel, travel, credit card spend  

More information on the Qantas Business Rewards program. 

Whether your business is a member of the Virgin Australia Business Flyer or Qantas Business Rewards program, your Travel Consultant or Customer Success Manager can help you to make the most of your preferred air travel program.  

If you have any questions about your air travel spend, volume or activity and want to know how to maximise the value your business gets from its spend on air, please talk to us today!