Travel case study: Topcon Positioning Systems

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Australia-based Cassie Kerton, who manages Topcon’s global travel program, says partnering with Corporate Traveller for more than five years, has helped the company understand the benefits of booking all trips through one program. Since 2014, Topcon has continued to consolidate its growing worldwide travel activity through Corporate Traveller and seen costs continually reduce.

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Topcon technology has helped construction companies around the globe achieve new levels of productivity and equipment efficiency, much like Concur technology has helped Topcon better manage travel bookings and expense for its global operations.
Topcon employee Cassie Kerton with tree in background

Our employees are already trying to reduce costs in their bookings. Through our onboarding process we’re educating our teams on the savings that can be achieved by booking through our travel program rather than looking for cheapest internet rates. Our employees understand that what we save in travel we can invest in new Topcon technologies, projects and most importantly, people.

Corporate Traveller has been our partner in building this culture. They support our education processes and implementations around the world.

Cassie Kerton

Manager Travel

Topcon Positioning Group

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