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Supercharge your business travel program with Up!

As a market-first, Up helps you get the most out of your business trips by further streamlining the relationship between Corporate Traveller, our air, hotel, and insurance suppliers, and your business.  You’ll get access to expert beyond-the-booking support services, invaluable insights, exciting perks and on-trip deals. As your partnership with us grows, so do the services and benefits on offer.

That means more added value for you and your business –  now and into the future.  It’s time to level Up with Corporate Traveller. 

Introducing the three tiers of Corporate Traveller's Up

Up has three tiers based on business travel program spend and complexity: Lift, Propel and Soar.  All tiers are designed to unlock beyond-the-booking support, invaluable insights, and exciting perks.

Thanks to a dedicated travel consultant and in-house 24/7/365 after hours support, every customer is winning but we also want to ensure you’re 100% clear on everything available to you, to continually extract more value from your program.  Check out what's on offer in each of our tiers!

Lift your business travel to new heights! 

Lift your business travel to new heights! 

  • A dedicated Travel Consultant and 24/7/365 emergency support 

  • Top-notch travel technology 

  • Streamlined systems with our Customer Success team 

  • Unbeatable deals through our TravelSmart Program.  

  • Access to additional leisure benefits through our Corporate Benefits program 

The best bit? It’s all included as standard!  

Propel your travel program forward! 

Propel your travel program forward!  

All the benefits of the Lift tier PLUS: 

  • Bespoke customer support with a business manager 

  • Invaluable, easy to digest, insights into spend and booking behaviour 

  • 360° recommendations for increased savings 

  • Extra exclusive Propel Tier Perks thanks to our Up Perk Partners 

  • Extra exclusive event experience tickets per annum 

This is next-level business travel! 

See your travel program Soar!  

See your travel program Soar!  

All the benefits of Lift AND Propel, PLUS 

  • The most comprehensive suite of services, insights, and exclusive perks available 

  • Delivered by your dedicated Senior Customer Success Manager 

  • In-depth analysis, bespoke recommendations to extract the most value possible from your program  

  • The most generous event experience event tickets per annum  

  • Soar Tier perks, the highest level of exclusive perks 

This is where your loyalty goes furthest.  


Experience the advantages of Up in your business travel program!

Through defined levels of service, insights and perks, Up brings unique beyond-the-booking, whole of travel program support capabilities to supercharge all aspects of your travel program. Your business will experience:  

Clarity and transparency with Corporate Traveller

True “beyond the booking” partnership

Dedicated professional service teams, that level up through each tier, all delivering program optimisation outcomes
Continuous program optimisation

Continuous program optimisation

Monitoring, expert recommendations, insights and opportunities to extract more value and savings from your travel program as it evolves
Right sized solutions for your business

Right sized solutions for your business

With Up you only pay for what you need and there’s room to grow through the program tiers where more services, insights and perk inclusions are unlocked!
Value through streamlined supplier relationships

Value through streamlined supplier relationships

Additional value is created and convenience achieved via our capabilities to streamline the relationship between Corporate Traveller, suppliers, and your business
Experience the advantages of Up in your business travel program!

Clarity and transparency

100% visibility of the services, insights and perks available to, so you never miss an opportunity to level up your travel program and we are 100% accountable.
Scalable tech, reporting and expensing capabilities

Scalable tech, reporting and expensing capabilities

All customers experience latest technology, Next Gen Reporting and Insights Suite, charge-back capabilities and a trading account to manage cash flow and expenses – that can all be levelled up!

Watch our Special Broadcast Webinar on Up, featuring Corporate Traveller customers! 

Take the opportunity to dive into how businesses can benefit from this market-first program.

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