Whether you already have a travel partner in place - or are not sure if your business needs one - our expert advice will help you decide. 

Online Booking Tools

Get ready to see how an Online Booking Tool can be the secret weapon that will solve your business travel problems. Read on to see how putting the entire booking process through one system can make the workflow easier for everyone – travellers, approvers and decision-makers included.

Travel Tech 101

When it comes to booking travel, we’re a little spoiled for choice. With so many apps, websites and tools to streamline and track our business travel experience, it’s easy to think these are the solution. But, like any business model, some are better than others.

Business Travel 101

Every company tries to manage its own costs and business travel expenses are no exception. After all, how hard can it be? The challenge is knowing if you’re spending too much, doing things inefficiently or missing out on benefits you’re entitled to.