Destination Guides

Take a look at our handy guides for some of our most popular business travel destinations to get the most of your trip.


Not every city gets a TV show named after it, so it's no wonder that Dallas revels in its larger than life reputation. But behind the whip crackin', barbeque smokin', open carryin' exterior, there's a ton of layers to discover in Texas' favourite city.

Los Angeles

Whether it's heritage downtown streetscapes, sandy beaches of Santa Monica, Mexican street markets or exclusive restaurants made for star-spotting, Los Angeles is a city of many moods.


They have the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and Bondi Beach, but Sydneysiders have plenty of other reasons to love their city. Superb restaurants, under-the-radar bars and amazing walks with swim stops along the way.


There’s a lot more to Shanghai than that distinctive skyline. From museums to world-class dining, there is always something to discover in this city that endlessly reinvents itself.

Hong Kong

With sleek skyscrapers and ancient temples, Hong Kong is a dazzling blend of old and new. Check out our guide to sampling the city’s full range of flavours.


Few cities are as complex and as captivating as London. Here’s how to make the most of a work trip to England’s capital.

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