MANAGERS: Do you need to outsource your business travel?


The true cost of not managing your business travel effectively

Is it time to get a professional travel booker for your business?

When it comes to booking travel for your business, are you constantly playing catch-up? Do you or your employees often find yourselves more stressed after a trip finishes than when it began?

If so, it might be time for your business to hire a professional travel booker.

Many small to medium-sized enterprises see the problems happening around them – such as employees booking last-minute travel that blows out costs, or the lack of a system to track expenses – and assume that’s just the cost of doing business in a fast-growing company.

But that just isn’t the case. Powering through isn’t doing anyone at your workplace any favours, and in fact, spending money on a professional travel booking company won’t just save money on flights. Your employees will be able to focus on what really matters: a productive trip that helps the business.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it might be time to think about hiring a Business Travel Manager:


1. Business trips can, and will, go off-schedule

For every employee who goes away, it’s likely that you’ll have to deal with a last-minute change or an emergency. Perhaps they’ve booked a hotel too far away from their meeting and that means they end up late to see a client, which doesn’t come across well. You just might have even missed out on a deal because of it.

If this is happening more often than not, it probably means your employees are booking these trips ad-hoc and without all the best options in front of them – which is exactly what a Business Travel Manager will provide.

2. There’s no one to help with an emergency

Flights are cancelled or delayed, accommodation gets changed...and no one is around to help. Managing staff who are on interstate or global trips is a job in and of itself, and if you don’t have anyone around to help it can cause a huge amount of stress.

This is exactly why many business travel providers dedicate entire support teams to after-hours assistance. Not just that, these account managers really get to know your business over time, so they can often predict when problems are about to occur and stop them before they happen.

3. Technology isn’t part of your booking process

You might book accommodation and flights online, but if you aren’t using a business travel service then you’re probably not using the best tech available to make sure trips run as smoothly as possible.

For instance, many business travel services provide complete booking portals, as well as expense systems, that sync reports and provide a single source of truth for finance teams. Some even have itinerary apps and notification systems that let travellers know of any updates or changes to planning.

4. Your budgets are blowing out

If you’re consistently finding that your travel budget is going to last-minute flights, then you’re missing out on a Business Travel Manager who can not only get the best deals but also provide even more options than many other booking portals can.

The best value comes from those who know the market well, and who can strike deals with accommodation and flight providers to get the best deals at the best times.

For those familiar with your industry, they can also score deals for particularly busy periods, to make sure those seasons don’t blow out your budgets.


The true cost of not managing your business travel effectively

The ultimate way to tell if you need a Business Travel Manager.


If your travellers are unhappy, it’s likely you’ll hear about it. If you find yourself with an earful of complaints, you should probably start looking into a better option for booking travel – after all, the best judge of whether your travel policy and process needs an upgrade are the people who are actually doing the travel itself.
But this is just the beginning; there are even more ways a Business Travel Manager can help your business.
We’ve put together an eBook to show you how: download and read ‘The true cost of not managing your business travel effectively’ today to see what benefits your business may be missing out on.