Get more out of every hotel booking with our exclusive SmartSTAY partner program including FREE breakfast.

Every time you check-in to one of our partner hotels, you'll enjoy the added benefits that come will all of our contracted SmartSTAY rates. Exclusive to Corporate Traveller, SmartSTAY gives you a minimum of four free extras - including complimentary breakfast, free cancellation, free wi-fi plus one more such as:

  • Upgrades on arrival
  • Early check-in, and late check-out
  • Food and beverage discounts 
  • Bonus loyalty points 

If your business does not have negotiated rates in place, have breakfast on us and book at any one of our very generous SmartSTAY properties to enjoy the extras. This specially curated hotel program gives our customers exclusive benefits at hotels and hotel chains globally. Experience the Corporate Traveller difference with our end to end business travel solution! 

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The 5 different hotel rates to know

Understanding the different hotel rates and how to get the best solution when booking travel is key.

Zahrah Roush, our Corporate Land Product Leader, takes us through the five different types of hotel rates and when they would suit.

Compare the types of hotel rates

  Customised SmartSTAY Consortia Promotional Conditional

Exclusive to Corporate Traveller

No Yes No No No
Price $$ $$ $$ $ $
Add-Ons No Yes No No No
Flexibility + ++ + -
Availability + (Location specific) + ++ + -

Customised Rates: Specially negotiated for Corporate Traveller customers based on specific hotel locations and room nights. 

SmartSTAY Rates: Exclusive to Corporate Traveller and includes up to four value-adds including free WiFi, free breakfast and another two value-adds such as free room-upgrade, early check-in or late check-out.

Consortia Rates: Ideal for corporate travel bookings that are likely to change, providing full flexibility, and are often discounted through the entire hotel chain.

Promotional Rates: Exclusive access to hotel member loyalty rates, which have a discount of up to 50% and gives us access to pre-sale inventory, and the flexibility to make changes.

Conditional Rates: Ideal for last minute corporate travel bookings, often with lower rates than anywhere in the industry, but usually with less flexibility. 

Set your travel program up for success with Corporate Traveller, and talk to your dedicated travel manager to book a specific hotel rate or make an enquiry below.

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^ Terms & Conditions:  All SmartSTAY offers are provided by our third party suppliers to SmartSTAY customers and are subject to availability. SmartSTAY and any third party supplier may (in their sole discretion) substitute any of the offers for any other offer that is available for similar or no face value. All offers have no cash value, are not combinable with any other offers and are not transferable. Any offers not used have no surrender value and are not redeemable for cash. These unique inclusions are valid for hotel arrivals until 31st December 2020 unless otherwise indicated. Each individual hotel will have 2 guaranteed benefits (breakfast and Wi-Fi) and 2 complimentary benefits specific to each hotel (you can not select which ones you want).