Airline CEO to reveal the future of regional aviation at Corporate Traveller event

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A leading voice in regional aviation, Nexus Airlines, Managing Director, Michael McConachy has called for the establishment of FIFO hubs in Broome and Geraldton to bolster Western Australia's resource sector connectivity, at a business event. 

Addressing industry leaders at our Unpacked Perth conference on Thursday, 16 May 2024, at Crown Perth, Michael discussed the critical role these towns play in supporting efficient travel to the Pilbara. By advocating for the creation of these strategic hubs, Nexus Airlines seeks to illustrate the potential for enhanced regional development and improved transit solutions for FIFO workers.

Corporate Traveller rolled out the Unpacked roadshow in Perth to connect industry leaders, travel agents, and general business managers enabling them to gain business insights from top speakers and experts.

Michael, who is also a board member of the Regional Aviation Association of Australia, charted the pioneering journey of Nexus Airlines, Western Australia’s regional airline that launched in May 2023, and its transformative impact on regional connectivity.

Starting with his career move to Kununurra and leading up to the airline's current operations, he discussed the development of critical Regular Public Transport (RPT) routes through Aviair and the strategic evolution leading to Nexus’ inception.

Economic impact and regional development
Michael spoke about the creation of FIFO hubs in Broome and Geraldton and how airlines currently support over 8,500 daily passenger movements into the Pilbara—equivalent to the population of a small city flying every day. These FIFO hubs will significantly reduce transit times and costs, offering a direct economic benefit to the resources sector and regional communities.

Sustainable aviation practices
In alignment with global trends towards sustainability, Michael addressed Nexus’ choice in aircraft selection and how that reduces carbon emissions, as well as the airline's views on sustainable aviation fuels.

Championing remote connectivity
A passionate advocate for remote community services, Michael outlined current and planned expansions in air services that enhance accessibility to some of Australia's most isolated regions. He broke down the statistics on passenger growth on these routes, demonstrating Nexus' role in not just serving but also expanding the market.

This session was pivotal for those keen on understanding the nuances of aviation's regional and environmental advancements. Michael’s insights gave us a deeper look into how Nexus Airlines is not only responding to current industry challenges but also shaping the future of regional aviation in Australia.

Tom Walley, our Australian-based Global Managing Director, said, “We were thrilled to have Michael McConachy, a true leader in regional aviation, speak at our Unpacked event. His extensive experience and innovative approach to connecting remote communities and advancing sustainable aviation practices were exactly what our attendees wanted to hear. Michael’s insights inspired and ignited significant discussions on the future of travel and sustainability in aviation, highlighting the critical role regional carriers like Nexus Airlines play in shaping our industry’s future.”

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