Travel policy on a page

With so many channels now available for your travellers to book flights, accommodation or transfers, the temptation for employees to ‘just do it themselves’ can creep in. However, an easy to access and simple travel policy can help you manage your budget and drive bookings through your preferred travel provider.

Corporate Traveller has seen the difference that a well implemented travel policy can have on a customer’s processes, bottom line, traveller safety and satisfaction. A mandated travel policy clearly establishes traveller guidelines, drives compliant bookings and ensures adherence to your company’s expectations.

From a business management perspective it also introduces process efficiencies, streamlines expense reconciliation (for both your travellers and accounts department), improves visibility and reporting, streamlines payment methods and assists with budgeting.

According to the Corporate Traveller team, the key to a successful travel policy is to make it easy to read, short and succinct. Make your policy accessible and convenient for your staff to find. If it is easy to understand – like the one page example we have provided – your people will find it far easier to follow. This will increase employee engagement and uptake.

A travel policy can also consolidate your travel spend with a few preferred suppliers if that is your goal. This allows your travel provider to leverage your travel volume to secure loyalty discounts or negotiated rates. Alternatively, your travel policy might direct your people to book the ‘Best Fare of the Day’, which also helps your business to save on flights.

If you would like to refine your current travel policy or talk to one of our travel management experts on how to develop a travel policy to suit your business culture and financial goals please get in contact with us!

Download the Sample Travel Policy Infographic PDF