Booking a flight is easy, saving time is harder

If you’re responsible for your company’s travel bookings, you’ll know it can be a complex process. Corporate Traveller expert Andrew Kemp understands the complexities well and shares the experiences of one of our customers.

Our client, a professional services firm with a large number of on the road consultants, sought to streamline booking processes to reduce the time investment of its travel program. The company also lacked a comprehensive and reliable reporting system which was increasing the amount of time spent on reconciling travel expenses.

To save time on bookings, Corporate Traveller implemented an online booking tool (OBT) to simplify internal reservations. Part of this implementation included working with the client to establish a list of preferred suppliers including airlines, hotels and car hire companies, to consolidate bookings and loyalty benefits.

The firm now uses the OBT for more than 95% of  travel bookings. 

The OBT also delivered greater flexibility for travellers and ensured compliance with travel policy. Its adoption has increased efficiency throughout booking cycle and loyalty to preferred supplier pricing has resulted in significant cost savings.

Flexibility in travel arrangements is paramount. 

Plans can change at a moment’s notice and adapting quickly to changes is key to avoid overspending. In the event of last minute changes, complying with your internal travel policy is crucial to not blowing your budget. 

Integrated online booking tools can help. 

If you’re wasting too much time on travel bookings, switching to a self administered OBT can help you cut the time spent on trawling through websites.

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About the author - Andrew Kemp is Corporate Traveller's National Operations Leader. He is a CPA and former financial controller.