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Travel has always focused on becoming simpler, faster and easier. But a new ambition has been added to the list for many travel programs: greener.

Sustainability may have been a buzzword five years ago but it’s more than that now. Companies are more conscious of their carbon footprint and are actively seeking ways to reduce their emissions. Travellers are changing their mindsets as well – according to The 2021 Sustainable Travel Report released by in November 2021, 72% of Australian travellers think sustainable travel is vital and 69% want to use more environmental friendly modes of transport.

The journey to more sustainable travel is really only just starting for many companies, including the travel sector. Qantas is increasing the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in its goal of net zero emissions by 2050 and global hotel chains all have ambitious sustainability targets in place stretched over the next few decades.

For small to medium size businesses, there are several ways to start thinking about sustainability in business travel. These include:

  • Working towards your employer’s overall sustainability strategy.
  • Data and reporting that shows your carbon impact and other metrics.
  • Rethinking the travel and expense policy with the environment in mind.
  • Your choice in airlines, hotels and car transport providers that support your goals.
  • Booking sustainable travel options such as electric cars.
  • Developing partnerships that offset carbon and support sustainable initiatives.

Corporate Traveller has tools and functionality in place to support businesses becoming more sustainable. Our reporting suite now includes data to measure your footprint and we’ve signed partnerships with South Pole and Tasman Environmental Markets to assist companies with off-setting programs. We’re also taking our own steps to reduce the environmental impact of our business, including the recent hire of Michelle Degenhardt, Global Sustainability Officer.

Download this summary for more information on the tools and partnerships available 

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