Travelling During COVID: A First Hand Experience

It may feel a rare occurrence to see a plane in the sky at the moment, but each day there are still hundreds of flights taking off and landing across the country. 

So how are major operations like airports and hotels operating under strict COVID-19 regulations and limitations? Are the airports really ghost towns? Can you access airline lounges? How clean are hotel rooms? 

We were curious about all of this and more, so we booked General Manager Corporate Traveller Tom Walley a ticket, got him to jump on a plane and film the trip so you can have a front-row seat and experience what it’s like to fly in a COVID-19 world. So grab some snacks, buckle up and take off with us as we fly from Brisbane to Adelaide and back again!

Getting to the airport

Imagine how exciting it must be to finally travel to the airport again! Once the most dreaded part of the trip, it’s now a little haven of air conditioned luxury, complete with hand sanitiser. Discover how easy it is to book your Uber through Uber for Business, and the peace of mind that comes with their enhanced traveller safety features. 

The Airport Experience

It’s hard to imagine once-bustling airports a former ghost of themselves, with only a few footsteps echoing through tiled corridors. You won’t believe what Tom discovered when he got to Brisbane Airport!

All Aboard!

Do the air hostesses wear masks and gloves? Do they provide food and drink? How clean is your seat? We answer all these questions and more in our video - especially the burning question of the vacant middle seat! 


Are the rumours true that army personnel are there to greet you? What’s it like to finally travel to another state after six months of lock down? Tom breaks it all down.

The Hotel Experience

This is wear the rubber meets the road in terms of traveller safety. What’s it like to be in a hotel room when you may be anxious about health and safety? You’ll get to see first hand what measures this hotel is putting in place to keep your nerves at bay!