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The people behind your effortless business travel service

When choosing a corporate travel agency, it’s easy to compare the technology and overall product offering, but what about service? It's clear that people are missing out on the personal touch and attention to detail. And 84% of our prospective clients mention that service is lacking in their current programme.   

That’s not at all how travel should feel; you need great travel support that is uplifting and runs seamlessly in the background. That way, you can get on with the stuff that matters.   

So, what better time than to introduce you to some of the key players working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Meet the Corporate Traveller team

The Travel Consultant 

CT Travel Manager

Lynsey Greig

For myself and the team to really service a client properly, it’s important we know their travel policy and preferences inside out. That way, we can not only get to their requests quickly, but we instantly know all the tricks to make sure travellers or bookers get what they need. Even if it’s a random request or an airport they’ve never heard of before, we can make it happen!  

I especially enjoy the corporate side of our business, and my main motivation is growing and maintaining my portfolio and building effective business relationships with all of my customers. 

The Business Manager

CT Business Manager

Kim Marriner Harries

As the Business Manager, I am responsible for leading a team of Travel Consultants. My role is to provide airfare and travel product expertise to deliver savings and efficiency for our Propel customers. Our culture of ownership and accountability means we are motivated to ensure every customer is completely satisfied and have the flexibility to suit your particular requirements. 

I work closely with our Customer Success Managers, who will be in touch throughout the year to look analyse your account; looking at cost and time savings as well working with you to make the most out of your travel program.  

The Key Customer Success Manager (KCSM)


Zeno Netto  

As an Account Manager, I love how dynamic and customer-focused the Travel industry is, and how I am responsible for growing relationships with Corporate Traveller Key/Soar clients. My primary goal is to ensure that my clients have a seamless and positive experience when booking, travelling , and reconciling their travel. I act as a bridge between Corporate Traveller and my clients, and I am often described as the voice of the customer. I find huge satisfaction in gaining valuable insights into a diverse range of industries, and getting to know how other businesses operate. I enjoy understanding their unique business needs, preferences, and objectives. I work closely with my clients to provide solutions to their travel program, negotiate contracts, and coordinate optimizations to enhance client's travel experience via our powerup suit.  My role demands a deep understanding of the travel industry, good communication skills, and a knack for building trust and rapport with clients. 

In my 12th year in the travel industry, I count myself lucky to have the chance to combine my passion for travel with fostering meaningful relationships with clients while exploring the ever-changing world of travel products and services.

The After-Hours Support

David Witter - Corporate Traveller

David Witter 

We’re the team that pick up the phone when there’s an emergency and it’s, say, 11pm or 2am. It’s stressful when your travel plans are thrown off, so a big part of our job is staying calm and reassuring the traveller (who’s often in a panic) that everything is taken care of. It really is the best feeling to have helped someone in need, and made sure they can get to a meeting or home safely.  

Looking back to COVID times, that was a period where travellers needed more support than ever – such as borders closing, restrictions changing, hotels being closed or flights cancelled. It's all in a day’s (or evening’s) work for us though – we're used to it!  

The Onboarding Manager

Onboarding Manager

Nick Niu   

Onboarding is the bridge between when you first start working with your Travel Management Company, to when you’re settled with our Customer Success team.  I take pride in being a proficient and detail-oriented project manager, always striving to simplify processes while achieving our key Customer Objectives. Additionally, I'm committed to providing industry-leading training and technical support. 

Being an Onboarding Manager also means I get to dive into the unique people and culture of each business we work with. It's not just essential for our partnership; it's also a truly enjoyable experience because no two companies are alike!

And setting up with Corporate Traveller? It's a breeze! In May 2023, it took an average of just 28 days to get everything in order. So, you'll be good to go in just a few short weeks. 

Fantastic service isn’t a “nice to have”.

For travel to be truly effortless, it takes a team that understands your business, understands your travel policy, and knows your travellers by first name. With a team like the above behind you, you’ll be flying high in no time! 

Time to upgrade to effortless? 

Get in touch to hear more about uplifting service with Corporate Traveller  

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