The secret of digital transformation? It’s all about the basics.

Open any newspaper or news website and it’s impossible to ignore - the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for any company’s online presence; customers are buying and evaluating their purchases online more than ever before; those businesses who don’t move now will be left behind; those businesses who have already digitised their product or service offerings need to be on their guard and constantly improve to stay ahead.

All of this is true - customer experience online is now a more important factor in deciding to purchase than price. 84% of companies reported an uplift in revenue when they invested in their customer experience. It’s also overwhelming and confusing, especially for SMEs who don’t work in the knowledge services sector and may not necessarily have the resources at hand for a full-scale customer-centred digital transformation in a short time frame.

In fact, the digital gap between SMEs and larger organisations has been widening because of the pandemic, a problem recognised by the OECD.

The good news is that improving digital systems, sales and marketing activities can be straightforward. In the end, collecting customer feedback and making small, incremental changes with cost-effective online services can go a very long way.

The place to start is the customer (or the client, the student, the user, depending on the industry you’re in). By running through the experience they have when they come to your website, or contact your organisation, it’s not difficult to spot the problems. SMEs are busy places, and it’s amazing how few companies take the time to approach this in a methodical way, but it’s the best starting point to improve your digital sales and marketing approach and decide where to invest in improvements.

Corporate Traveller, in conjunction with Customer Experience Design and Delivery specialists Komosion, have partnered to give Corporate Traveller customers the opportunity to presubmit their digital sales and marketing questions to an expert consulting panel including Corporate Traveller’s Head of Sales, Miling Harpur and Marketing Manager, Kim Robertson to help guide your organisation through this new world.

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How to get the most out of your sales and marketing efforts

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