Travel Case Study: Gallagher

Gallagher Office Reception

Powerful insights deliver for Gallagher travel program

The combination of a long-term partnership with Corporate Traveller and the implementation of advanced travel technology, has helped deliver an enhanced travel program for Gallagher insurance brokers.

With its headquarters in Sydney, Gallagher specialises in providing insurance, complex risk management and consulting services to a range of businesses. With over 1,100 employees in 30+ locations around Australia, they travel extensively to service over 120,000 clients nationwide.

Having managed the business travel needs of Gallagher since 2014, the Corporate Traveller team have immersed themselves in fully understanding the business, getting to know key stakeholders, adapting to complement Gallagher’s internal processes and delivering an efficient and seamless service.

Paul Lemieszek, Gallagher Facilities Manager

“The continuity of the relationship has made our travel program journey so easy. When we call Corporate Traveller we get the same people – not a call centre – which translates to great, personalised service.

The result is meaningful knowledge translated into proactive travel management from a team which “almost know our travel program and patterns better than us.”

Paul Lemieszek, Gallagher Facilities Manager

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