Corporate Traveller and Vanguard Health partner to deliver life-changing care

SME business travel specialist Corporate Traveller and Vanguard Health, a business that builds specialist solutions for public health providers to deliver critical services back to their community efficiently and sustainably, have partnered to deliver life-changing care across Australia.

From Thursday Island, Milingimbi Island, down to Utopia Homelands and across to Albury, Vanguard Health has coordinated medical services that has seen thousands of Australians have their health needs met in the local community that they live and work in, ensuring healthcare for all Australians no matter their postcode.

“The pandemic has highlighted that regional Australians don’t have access to the medical services we benefit from in our major cities, and we want to support and enable our fantastic Australian doctors and nurses to change that – we want to work with all stakeholders to together ensure better healthcare for all,” said Vanguard Health CEO Tim Gallagher.

“The vaccination programme is something we’ve been heavily involved with, and we’ve been able to facilitate the delivery of over 55,000 doses to more than 50 remote communities, along with the equipment required to store and transport the vaccines, and the consumables to administer these vaccines.

“It’s not just the COVID-19 pandemic, though, we’re increasingly seeing a small number of our healthcare professionals covering huge geographic areas – there’s only one ophthalmologist available spanning the distance between Adelaide and Alice Springs, for example.

“What we aim to do is co-ordinate healthcare staff into these areas to deliver life-changing medical services locally to vastly improve the lives of so many.

“Through our IRIS service, we recently flew an ophthalmologist and eye health team into a remote area to carry out procedures that gave some of our First Nations Australians their sight back – something that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

“There’s huge scope for programmes like these to be bigger and better and to bring local medical services back to these regional and remote communities post the pandemic, but we can’t do it alone as we rely on health professionals who have the capacity and willingness to participate.

“It’s incredibly appreciated by people in these communities and our staff have really been taken in and treated as members of the community.

“Having the opportunity to work in partnership with large organisations was a catalyst for us moving our travel management from in-house to an external provider.

“Corporate Traveller offered everything we needed and more – it took all the stress out of manoeuvring our team of health professionals and allowed us to focus on our core strengths.

“Duty of care is a priority for us and the 24/7 assistance available at Corporate Traveller and their emergency response teams were a real stand-out for us, along with the trading account that took the pressures off our payroll, invoicing, and reconciliation process.

“We’re not travel experts, and we don’t claim to be, that’s why this relationship is so important.”

Corporate Traveller recently revealed the medical industry has flown to the top of the charts and now leads the way as the profession driving the SME business travel bounceback across Australia and Global Managing Director Tom Walley said Vanguard Health was the perfect example of this.

“This is the reason we get into travel, to partner with businesses like Vanguard Health, knowing that your travel management makes a genuine tangible difference to people in need,” Mr Walley said.

“There’s no corner of this country, its states, and territories that our experts can’t get you to and this is highlighted more so than ever by being able to transport our exceptional medical professionals to all ends of the nation – it’s humbling to be able to support Vanguard Health in these endeavours.

“I’d like to pay tribute to our team for building a terrific relationship with Tim and his colleagues.”

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