Why a professional beats the internet

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You've got a ton of challenges to push through every day.  We've found that keeping things running smoothly in an SME generally means getting through a task list a mile long.

So when a travel request lands in your inbox, what's your first port of call?

A travel website, right?

With the sheer number of travel booking options available on the internet, a question we get asked a lot is, 'How are you guys cheaper?'.

Well, there's actually quite a few ways.  But for starters, let's focus on one - The cost of booking last minute.  To do it, let's take a look at the big picture.

The big picture

Ticketing intelligence from 4th Dimension Consulting puts the percentage of travel bookings made last minute (0-2 days prior) at more than 40%.  That's nearly half of all SME business travel being booked in the most expensive possible window.

Unfortunately, we've found that making a large number of last minute bookings is largely unavoidable for SMEs.  The work environment is just too fluid to be able book a week or two ahead every time.  On top of that, our research shows 1 in 10 airline tickets need changes after purchase.  On average, that's an extra $207 every time you get the call with a request to shift a flight.

It's these types of charges that all add up to a hefty whack on your travel bill.  They're also the types of charges a Travel Manager can help alleviate. 

How?  By using some expert tools.

Set up a modern travel program

The most important piece of the puzzle.  

Making a regular dent in your business travel spending starts with implementing some new processes.  With an SME travel expert crafting your travel policy, and giving you the tools to keep your travellers compliant, you'll have a level of control over the booking process that'll immediately cut unauthorised overspending.

Implementing some best practice booking strategies are the gift that keeps on giving to the tune of 10% off your annual travel spend.

Shift to a trading account

Having to pay those pesky ancillary charges is one of the biggest gripes we hear from SME travel bookers.  

You'll find them tacked on to nearly every online booking you make whether it's booking fees, administration fees, service fees, the list goes on.

An easy way to avoid the hidden extras is to switch to a Corporate Traveller trading account.  Erases the hidden extras with no merchant fees or credit card fees on your bookings.

Partner with a global player

Corporate Traveller is part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, which means we're backed by one of the strongest global players in the travel industry.  Our travel partners want your business and to get it, they offer up exclusive deals just for us.  

For starters, you can shave up to 12% off your airfare spend with Virgin Australia by tapping into our SmartFLY program.  

Book your accommodation with our SmartSTAY hotel partners and you'll pick up at least three free extras free including Wi-Fi, breakfast and room upgrades.

On the car front, our SmartDRIVE partners at Avis and Hertz will give you a range of free extras including excess discounts, free GPS and rate discounts.  

You can also cash in on a stream of regular offers and deals from the world's biggest airlines and hotels.

Business travel is easy when you bring an expert on board