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Make booking travel, whether it’s a simple overnighter or a multi-destination affair, an effortless exercise with Corporate Traveller’s online booking products.

Fast, Flexible Online Booking for Your Organisation

With the right tool, booking is simple, efficient and easy to reconcile. With unwieldy software, booking becomes a long, difficult struggle. Corporate Traveller has a suite of online tools that enable your employees to book the right travel faster.


For When Travel Is More Straight-Forward...

If your organisation is smaller or mid-sized, much of your travel may be relatively simple. That doesn't mean you have to rely on a jumble of different sites.

With CT.GO, your bookings - from flights to hotels and almost everything else - can be done efficiently from the one place.

  • An all-in-one platform for admin staff and travellers to look after simpler travel programs
  • Made to help your bookers start organising travel for your company faster



...Or When Travel's Highly Complex

A tool that handles even the trickiest travel plans, Savi stands on the cutting-edge of travel technology. Ideal for organisations dealing with larger-scale and complex travel, Savi is powered by AI and engineered to streamline every part of your booking process.

  • With predictive user experience and intelligent functionality, Savi significantly cuts down booking times
  • Rich travel content allows new opportunities with each and every booking made



When we timed how long it took one of our customers to make a domestic booking with accommodation and care hire on other travel sites, the final figure was 1 hour, 4 minutes.

When the same booking was made with Corporate Traveller, the total time was less than 10 minutes.


Reclaim Lost Time with Faster Booking

Corporate Traveller’s powerful online booking tools make it easier for your people to search for and book the best flights, accommodation and ground transport.

  • Conduct research and booking with a single tool that saves hours of hunting around online
  • Handle flights, hotels, car rental, transfers and more in one online booking location that brings every part of the trip together


Book Travel from Your Mobile

With Corporate Traveller’s mobile app integrated with your travel platform, your travellers are able to manage their own travel when they need to.

  • Book flights, hotels and rentals from a mobile phone as easily as from the office
  • Allow travellers to change their itineraries to respond to new plans

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