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Do More Than Just Crunch Numbers

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Using different travel platforms make data gathering and reporting clumsy and laborious. It’s difficult to get an accurate picture on expenditure and activity. With Corporate Traveller’s reporting suite, you have all the information for better analysis and decision making whenever you need it.

By having a suite of pre-built reports available and being able to request custom reports when needed, your team saves literally dozens of hours on having to create and fine-tune the reports themselves.

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Visibility and Transparency On All Your Travel

Your reporting needs to be more than simple numbers or graphs. Dig into the data to find what you need for insightful analysis and intelligence.

  • Track policy compliance on your organisation’s travel to identify unauthorised activity
  • Analyse data to identify opportunities to reduce travel spend or negotiate with travel suppliers
  • Use interactive reporting dashboards to quickly provide “at a glance” overviews of your travel activity
  • Drill down into data to gain a complete picture of your travel programs
  • Pull reports using real-time data to satisfy requests with up-to-the-minute info
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Advanced Reporting and Intelligence

Learn how to fully exploit your reporting capability to extract greater intelligence, and use custom reports built to give your organisation new insights."

  • Get support from your dedicated travel manager to identify the data and reports most useful for you
  • Request custom reports and have them created for your platform
  • Automate your reporting schedule to ensure stakeholders are always up-to-date

Reporting isn’t an optional extra. Book a demo and see how Corporate Traveller’s suite gives you a new perspective on your travel.

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